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    Worlds' 3D browser software enables you to explore a variety of 3D worlds while you meet, chat and interact with people from all over the world. Click here to learn about downloading your free version.

    The visual authoring component of

    WorldsServers™ can connect to and appropriately scale interconnected virtual worlds so that large virtual worlds and large regions can be visited seamlessly by end users.


    • Concept definition and world design
    • Creative content development
    • Ongoing client account services and consistent contact during production
    • Custom 3D avatar creation and development
    • Networking and collaboration with other Worlds' environments (if applicable)

    Talk to us for the best in professional 3D worldbuilding. We'll take your business into the new millennium. Email us at:

    2D Chat Hosting administers traditional 2D chat sites, featuring advanced chat capability in multi room enviroments, covering a wide range of interests. also facilitates hosted chat sessions and other community building events.


    Aerosmith has partnered with Aerosmith to provide the Hall-of-Fame rock band with a full web solution: Worlds is hosting and managing the web site, Aerosmith 3D World as well as an online fan club - Aerosmith Interactive.

    British Telecom
    British Telecom has launched BTOpenWorld, a 3D site consisting of Cyber Parliament, Garden of Tranquility, Big Time, and Hampton Court Maze. These worlds are now offered on the BT broadband channel and are soon to be released on the BT Internet narrowband channel.

    Blair Witch World
    Worlds, in partnership with Distant Corners and Artisan Entertainment, created Blair Witch World as part of the promotion for the release of Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows.

    Worlds offers text based and 3d chat services on TotalServe, Powernet telecom ISP division in the UK.

    Shinwon Telecom
    Worlds has created a unique CentisWorld to Shinwon Telecom, one of Korea's leading ISPs.

    Worlds worked with eNewmedia to develop a major Asian 3D entertainment portal, featuring Asian worlds, custom high resolution avatars and full localization to many Asian languages.

    An online 3D world created for Yankees fans.

    GQ's 1999 Men of the Year
    GQ Magazine's November 1999 issue included an enhanced CD featuring Lenny Kravitz videos and various software including

    Britain's biggest ISP joined with Worlds to provide 3D and traditional 2D chat services.

    Road Runner
    One of the nation's leaders in Cable Internet access, in conjunction with Worlds, offers a downloadable version of 3D browser. Includes a special version of HangWorld containing music video and news content.

    Hanson World
    An online 3D world created for Hanson fans.

    Bowie World
    An online 3D world created for David Bowie fans.
    A 3D frat house for, a Universal/Hyundai online project.

    Toppan Printing Ltd.
    Meet At Plaza, a 3D online chat and commerce environment for use in Japan.