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Technology Overview

The latest generation 3D technology from, written in Java and C++, is an integrated client/server technology suite that provides virtual world developers with all the technology components (browser, tools and server) required to create, distribute, and maintain multi-user virtual reality environments over the Internet or private TCP/IP networks.


WorldsShaper™ is the visual authoring component of's 3D service. WorldsShaper™ was developed for an audience that needs powerful, quick 3D world development tools to keep up with rapidly changing demands for Internet sites. Written in Java, WorldsShaper™ is meant to quickly assemble pieces to create multi-user, shared state, virtual worlds. WorldsShaper™ is designed to complement our WorldsServer™ technology by allowing the construction of advanced features in a virtual environment such as shared state, portals, and voice.

Using the WorldsShaper™, Worlds has itself experienced a 75% decrease in required production time when building virtual worlds. Key elements which speed development are WorldsShaper's™ visual authoring paradigm and foundation libraries of textures, objects, and behaviors. WorldsShaper's™ visual interface supports construction of room-based spaces in an intuitive manner, allowing new users to quickly create a space, while still providing advanced users with the flexibility and power to create compelling spaces with custom art, models, and behaviors.


Worlds' scaleable WorldsServer™ architecture offers unique flexibility and a robust development environment for virtual world developers. WorldsServer's™ scaleable capacity and add-on module architecture provide developers the opportunity to build small prototypes that take advantage of our advanced features while keeping technology entry costs low. Developers can then easily scale their environments by augmenting server capacity as they roll out their environments, or their world popularity increases.

Using WorldsServer's™ Web-of-Worlds™ functionality, WorldsServers™ can connect to and appropriately scale interconnected virtual worlds so that large virtual worlds and large regions can be visited seamlessly by end users. Because of WorldsServer's™ dynamic downloading capability, end users can transparently move from world to world - even "walking" across server boundaries on different physical machines located in different physical locations. WorldsServer™ offers audiences powerful multi-user functionality that is easily scaleable and extensible, and the flexibility to grow their worlds as needed, with no foreseeable limit to their size.


WorldsPlayer is especially designed to allow users to view and experience the multi-user, interactive 3D technology. Any world created with the WorldsShaper™ will be viewable and navigable with WorldsPlayer. Using WorldsPlayer, a user assumes a persona (via a digital actor, or avatar), and can then move, view, chat, play, express one's self via gestures and animations, voice chat, send email, join discussion groups, listen to music, shop at Worlds' 3D store, all in the company of users from around the world.